Max Payne Mobile, diseara in App Store Romania

Zilele trecute citeam pe blogul lui un articol despre lansarea jocului Max Payne pentru iOS si Android.
Data lansarii pentru platforma Android este 26 aprilie. Insa Max Payne Mobile a fost deja lansat de catre RockStar Games in App Store. Jocul este disponibil momentan doar in magazinul din Noua Zeelanda.
Jocul a insemnat foarte mult, acum cativa ani, pentru majoritatea dintre noi, insa astazi vorbim doar de o portare de pe PC pe telefon. Cu toate acestea cei de la RockStar Games nu au ramas indiferenti: au actualizat grafica si au conceput jocul astfel incat sa poata fi jucat de pe ecrane cu touchscreen. In Romania, jocul va fi adaugat in App Store cel tarziu pana diseara iar pretul va fi undeva la 2,99 euro.

Max Payne, the award-winning title is now available for iOS. A fugitive undercover cop framed for murder, hunted by cops and the mob, Max is a man with his back against the wall, fighting a battle he cannot hope to win. Max Payne is a relentless story-driven game about a man on the edge, fighting to clear his name while struggling to uncover the truth about his slain family amongst a myriad of plot-twists. The groundbreaking original cinematic action-shooter, Max Payne introduced the concept of Bullet Time in videogames. Through its stylish slow-motion gunplay combined with a dark and twisted story, Max Payne redefined the action-shooter genre.

Max Paynes signature slow motion gunplay, Bullet Time
Stunningly sharp, HD quality resolution and textures
Retina supported resolution for the new iPad
Gameplay tailored for touch screen devices
Highly customizable controls
Multiple aiming modes
Rockstar Social Club integration to track stats, unlock cheats and more

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